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Fixed Rate Loans

The standard fixed term mortgage that is often seen as a 30 year fixed term.  Other terms are typically available such as 25, 20, 15 and 10.  Talk to us about your financing needs. 

Government Loans

U.S. Government-backed loans, FHA home purchase loans are great for borrowers with low down payment and have more flexibility with credit than conventional loans. 


Adjustable (ARM), Interest Only, and More

ARM, Interest Only and other loan products that work for home buyers that may not want a conventional or government loan. 

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Home Purchase Loans for Everyone

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Learn About the Process

Learn more about the home purchase process and the steps you can take with our team to ensure a successful home purchase.


First Time Home Buyers

If it is your first home purchase, you need a team that can help you navigate the purchase and financing process in terms you can understand. 



Investors have different needs when purchasing homes for rent, flip, and portfolios.  We have programs that can accelerate your strategy.

The Mortgage Process

Purchasing a home is one of the most important events that you and your family will experience. It can be very exciting but, sometimes a bit stressful.  InTouch Realty Services is here to help; our goal is to provide you with the most exceptional service while reducing stress.  

Step 1: Getting Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved is an important step in the Mortgage Process.  Without a proper pre-approval, you won’t know what you qualify for; this could lead to unnecessary frustration down the line.

Step 2:  Find a Realtor

Finding a reputable realtor in the area when purchasing a home is key to getting an accepted offer in this market. A good realtor will understand the market and your needs.  InTouch Realty Services can help you find and manage the home buying process in tandem with our Home Loan Team.  

Step 3:  You Found a Home and Made an Offer – It’s Accepted.

Following These Simple Steps Will Keep You Informed And Moving Along In The Right Direction.

Ordering a Home Inspection

  • Your realtor will help you schedule an inspection on the property with
    a certified inspector
  • We recommend that all borrowers obtain a Home Inspection
  • The Home Inspection will identify whether or not your new home has major issues or repairs that may have overlooked; for example, roof, furnace, structural, plumbing, and any other major elements of your home.

Step 4:  Application, Knowing Your Options and Gathering Documents

Average Turn Time Is 3-7 Days, Depending On How Quickly You Respond

  • After your offer has been accepted you will work closely with your Loan Officer
    on Mortgage Financing.
  • Based on your credit profile, income, and assets your Loan Officer will discuss potential Interest rates, programs, and terms that best fit your individual financial situation.
  • Your Loan Officer will review your personal document and may request updated information for anything that has expired.

Below is a starter list of documents that must be submitted to your Loan Officer as soon as your offer is accepted:

  • 2 Years Personal Tax Returns
    • Must be signed on Page 2 of the returns
    • Must include ALL pages and Schedules
  • 2 years W2’s and full 2-year employment/ work history
    • Must include all W2’s from all employers
  • 2 months’ worth of bank statements
    • Must include ALL pages even if the last page is blank.
    • The total available balance on your liquid assets (check-ing or Savings) must be at least the amount your Loan Officer has informed you that you will need for closing.
    • This includes the amount required for your down payment, closing costs, pre-paids, taxes, and insurance
    • Cash Deposits are NEVER acceptable; cash deposits can never be used for closing and/or down payment.
  • All large deposits must be documented and sourced outside of your regular deposited payroll checks.
    • If you are applying for an FHA Insured Mortgage, a large deposit would be any single deposit, that is not payroll, which is 1 % or greater than the appraised value.
    • If you are applying for a Conventional Mortgage, a large deposit would be any single deposit, that is not payroll, which exceeds 50% of the total qualifying monthly income.
  • More documents and the complete list is in our Mortgage Education Center
Mortgage FAQs

Education Center

Home loan resources to help you understand your options when getting a loan and purchasing a home.

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Questions and answers to your home financing questions.  Our experts have the answers. 

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